Delivery Terms & Conditions

  • Impact Direct will endeavour to meet any delivery date quoted but delivery dates are given and intended as an estimate only and if there are any circumstances whatsoever which prevent or delay delivery, Impact Direct shall not be bound to supply or make delivery of any goods ordered nor shall it be liable for any damage or consequential loss or in any other way for failure to supply or delay in delivery when so prevented or delayed.
  • Carriage paid on orders if the agreed terms and conditions are met, in the United Kingdom.
  • All goods must be inspected immediately on arrival. Under no circumstances shall Impact Direct be liable for damage to or from a consignment unless Impact Direct is notified within fourteen days of receipt of the goods or in the case on non-delivery unless notice is given within eight days of the due date of arrival.
  • Orders including liquid based products may be subject to additional delivery charges.
  • Orders to be delivered outside of main land UK will be subject to additional carriage charges.