X 100 Ambersil Tough Wipes - 0125ATW

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100 super high absorbency hand wipes over-layered with an effective polymer web to give all the cleaning power of pumice without the scratching.
Acts as not only a cleaning wipe but also a highly absorbent cleaning towel.
No stickiness to hands or surfaces after use, which is usually associated with water less cleaners.
Highly effective on range of soiling types such as: Grease, oils, petrochemicals, paints, adhesives, tar, bitumen and resins.
Contains anti-pathogen agents highly effective against bacteria and viruses such as: Weil’s Disease, MRSA, salmonella, listeria and E. Col.
Contains skin conditioner to replace natural oils removed in cleaning and reduce contact dermatitis.
Contains a bactericide.
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X 100 Ambersil Tough Wipes

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